Our Services

Renewable Technologies

Our Approach

An increasing number of clients are interested in renewable technology options for their housing stock.  We have developed our renewables expertise to provide both consultancy and installation & maintenance services.


Renewables Consultancy 

We work with clients to understand their residents and preferences as well as the physical housing stock.  We are then in a position to provide the following:


Our Tailored Solutions

With a deep understanding of both what is important to social housing providers and what works within residents’ homes, we can provide the following technologies:

Our engineers are trained in ensuring that residents understand how to operate their new technology to meet their heating and hot water needs.


Maximising the Benefits from Renewable Technologies

To ensure that residents are able to realise the benefits from the installation of renewable technology in their home, we would advise that they are given the following advice and assistance:

As an example of the Energy Saving Hints & Tips we can provide residents with, please click on the link here

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