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Boiler Repairs & Service

We successfully complete over 100,000 servicing and repair visits each year.  Ensuring that the central heating systems within social housing are kept in good working order and fully compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements is of considerable importance to social housing providers.  In addition to the obvious imperative of resident health and safety, failure to ensure that properties have valid safety certificates may result in prosecution for the senior staff within a housing organisation and increased scrutiny by housing regulators. 


Our Approach

We tailor our servicing and maintenance approach to the individual needs of our clients and their residents.  We take ensuring 100% Compliance (all properties with a current valid gas safety certificate) very seriously and work closely with clients to achieve this standard.  Our contact centre is able to take calls 24 / 7 / 365 and is in a position to provide advice and assistance to residents at any time as well as ensuring the appropriate engineer response to emergencies and breakdowns.


Delivering Quality

Our engineers have a rigorous quality control procedure and a comprehensive range of stocked spare parts.  This helps ensure exceptional First Time Fix rates and levels of Customer Satisfaction.   Regular maintenance of heating systems and appliances assists residents by guaranteeing their safety, lowering their energy bills and helps reduce their carbon footprint. 

As part of any visit to a resident’s home, we will diagnose faults and replace faulty parts before they cause any risk to the household.  We also ensure that any recently received manufacturer advice is taken into account during the visit.


Case Study

As an example of a Servicing & Maintenance contract that we are currently delivering, please see the Aberdeen City Council Case Study here


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