Social Housing

IT Systems Integration

Our Approach

We appreciate that our clients need real-time information on the progress of their jobs and our own performance.  We can allow clients access to our systems for this purpose.  We can also integrate our system with our clients’ systems.  We are committed to working with our clients to achieve the solution that meets your business needs.

Our Systems     

We use the Windows network operating system, with all PCs having regularly updated anti-virus software and appropriate firewalls. 

We use a bespoke data management system which is designed with the ability to communicate with and accept information from externals systems.  This enables our clients to send information down to us which can be quickly uploaded onto our database.

All job received are logged, prioritised and recorded in our property management database.  This has been developed specifically for the administration of both Servicing & Maintenance and Installation heating contracts.  We can provide clients with access to the database over a secure web link internet connection using an authorised password.  Clients are understandably only able to view their own tenants’ jobs (and not those of our other clients).

Using this system, jobs are assigned in real time to the closes engineer through the use of a handheld PDA.  This ensures a speedy and efficient service is available at all times.

Our systems are backed up on a daily basis to a central server.  Back-up discs are stored off site in accordance with our Quality Management Systems procedures.

Systems Integration 

Our software provider Tracer Management Systems are experts in the integration of JobLogic Service Management System with third party client systems.

Integration can be provided on three levels:


Level 1- Web Access

- Clients can have web based accessed to the JobLogic system to enable them to view jobs, sites; associated job documents e.g. gas safety certificates and other file attachments.  Information displayed includes job number, job notes, site address details, live job status and customer signatures.



Level 2 - Batch Import and Export of data -

 Typically using the CSV file format JobLogic can import and export data on demand.  Typical data includes the import of job information from 3rd party system to create jobs in JobLogic and exports of job data including dates / times, notes, attachments and SOR line items.  File imports and exports can be run either manually or set up to run on a routine to a dedicated location using FTP technology.



Level 3 - Real time integration

- Tracer Management Systems can build a bespoke Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to run in real time and automatically import and export data between JobLogic and a third party system.  Typical file formats include XML and data can be moved via web services.  This process eliminates the need for importing and exporting files as integration is seamless and in real time.


Where either Level 2 or Level 3 are required, Tracer Management Systems require a full specification of the data that has to be integrated and the technologies being used by the client.  They will then create a development and testing plan in co-operation with the client's IT department or 3rd Party software supplier.

Case Study

We integrated our system with North Ayrshire Council and their ROCC housing management system.  This was achieved through a dedicated lease line.  We received jobs from the North Ayrshire Council system and updated completed job property details taking account of contract performance response target timelines.

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